About Us

An after-sales service site entirely dedicated to Firstmanual.com

Firstmanual.com has decided to call on our team in order to offer you the best possible after-sales service. Firstmanual.com is well aware that after-sales service is not a matter to be taken lightly. That's why our partner has chosen a team that specialises in after-sales service and devotes 100% of its time to this essential task.

Accompanying customers in difficulty is part of our daily routine. It is our only motivation! But of course, we do not remain isolated in our after-sales service... We regularly attend training courses about Firstmanual.com in order to help you as fully as possible.

Our mission, your satisfaction

At PXT-Firstmanual.com, we do not accept to leave a problem unsolved, or a question unanswered. With us, a customer must always be 100% satisfied. If you have any questions or problems regarding Firstmanual.com, please contact us without delay by following the instructions below.

This site has been designed solely to help you. Even if you want to cancel your subscription, we have made it as easy as possible for you! Please go to the "Cancellation" page with your email address. No need to worry, at PXT-Firstmanual.com, cancelling your subscription is free and instantaneous.

And for everything else, problems of use, bugs, unexpected charges... There is always a solution adapted to your situation!


After-sales service at your service

By phone, by e-mail, or directly on this site... We are here to answer you efficiently by all means! The professional advisers at PXT-Firstmanual.com are there to help you with any difficulties you may encounter when using Firstmanual.com. You will always find an advisor to help you at PXT-Firstmanual.com! You can reach us here:

By phone at
+44 203 6959 573

By e-mail to
[email protected]

Directly on the site via the "Contact" page.